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Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is human-made instructions same as human intelligence programmed in robots in the form of software to enable them to work as humans it also allows the robots to perform those tasks that a human is not able to do. Artificial intelligence is a field of study that emerge from computer science, human intelligence, and robots to find solutions of problems. The main purpose of Artificial intelligence is to break the intelligence barriers between humans and machines. After analyzing the present situation it is proved that AI is the future of the world. Artificial intelligence has a solid impact on our life.

Benefits of Artificial intelligence

  1. Reduce errors

 Human makes mistakes on the other hand machines do not if the instructions given to them are correct. Through artificial intelligence, machines execute their tasks without any error. The human mind gets tired after a certain time, so the chances of errors increased but the machines can work for very long without any errors. AI reduced the error risks and allows the machines to achieve higher accuracy in the work. Many companies prefer AI help for the reduction of errors.

Example: A computer is an AI machine that produces results without errors if the input is accurate.

  1. Work ability

An average human can work for 7-8 hours and must need breaks while working they need vacations, salaries, and food to live and to be refreshed. But we can use AI to enable machines to work day and night without breaks it saves time and money. Artificial intelligence can enhance the working ability of machines by using strong data instructions so machines can work without a time limit.

Example: Washing machine work for hours and need no rest somewhere it is part of AI because it works with human.

  1. Decision-making power

Artificial Intelligence intelligence empowers businesses with fast and accurate decisions making. AI technology deals with data consistency and quantifies needs to make the best decisions for the organization. It helps in improving the performance of a company by using data analyzing and learning behavior AI is not programmed to copy human emotions, it always remains unbiased because AI does not work to make the boss happy it makes decisions according to the instructions programmed in it.

Example: Playing chess game in PC. It is very hard to beat CPU in hard mode because there is AI behind it.

  1. Advancement healthcare sector

Using AI allows healthcare departments to diagnose the patient’s problems and suggest them the best treatment without demanding them, to visit the hospital in person. AI can be beneficial in identifying the hidden disease of the patient and also can make predictions about its effect of it in the future. AI can invent different medical tools to detect human diseases. It allows the patient to know about that what kind of medicines he can take and what kind of medicines can harm his health.

  1. Creation of robots with robots

AI can instruct the robots to create more robots that can work as humans do. A human needs more time to create a robot as a robot need to create its own copy. We can say that AI enables a human-made robot to give birth to a new robot with its hand. There are many manufacturing companies using AI in robots to manufacture machines.

  1. Help people with disabilities

Artificial intelligence can help individuals with disabilities by providing them with speech, and visual recognition. It improves independence in people with special needs there are many tools invented by AI for special people who feel low because of their disabilities. It assists people with special needs that they can also do anything a normal human can do. AI values disabled persons. Currently, there are huge software we are using to detect mental problems it is only possible with AI.

  1. Positive economic growth

AI is the only force behind economic growth it boosts the economy. It also boosts revenue and productivity. It helps in creating new job opportunities it improves the standard of living. AI replaces the laborers with machines and machines can work more than humans and also produce more accurate results than a human can which proves positive for economic growth. The projected contribution of AI is 13 trillion dollars to the global economy in the coming years.

  1. Technology advancement

Technology is the most important aspect of the modern world. AI is the only reason for the advancement of technology and innovation. It helps in creating machines and machinery is part of our daily life these machines work following artificial intelligence instructions. AI provides inputs then machines work as humans to provide outputs. Computers and mobiles are part of technological advancement. Biometrics, speech recognition, deep learning is the AI advancement in technology.

  1. Time savior

AI programming is a time-saving thing where a human takes more time to complete a task artificial intelligence ends it in a few minutes. If a human solves a problem in minutes AI solves it in seconds hours to minutes days to hours. For example, if a human solves a maths problem he must take time to solve it but a machine with artificial intelligence can solve the in one click if the instructions given to it is the correct it will provide accurate results in less time than a human.

  1. No instruction repetition

Human needs to be instructed again and again. AI is the program that instructs the machines only once never again. One-time instruction is enough for it. In simple words, Artificial intelligence is the corban copy of human intelligence but it works more correctly than humans.


So the discussion was about how AI proved beneficial for us in daily life. There are many hypotheses made by people some thinks artificial intelligence is the most important part of our lives and it increased our economy and some thinks it destroyed our life by devaluing labor. But our focus was its benefits we conclude how it reduces the ratio of errors in work. AI empowers our industries to improve decision-making and keep them profitable. We have discussed its benefits in the health department time saving it advanced our technology. AI working for the creation of a better world and to make human work easy. AI is ordering a world of machines with human intelligence.

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