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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence became an integral part of our daily life. There are numerous, applications of AI in real-world.

  1. AI in Recognition of speech

ASR automatic speech recognition in which AI uses (NLP) natural language process human voices in to written format. While using google search we gave command to Siri through voice AI transmit human voice to text and execute the command given in vocal setting. AI drive voice assistants, Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, utilize speech recognition technology to understand verbal input and respond with relevant data to perform tasks. These natural language processing (NLP) interpret queries and generate responses. So the machine can understand the human language.

  • AI in Services for costumers

Artificial intelligence replace the human agents who were dealing with costumers in pervious time period. AI answer the questions of costumers frequently no matter what is the topic shopping, shipping, product selling suggesting the sizes to costumers. Virtual assistants and voice assistants uses AI to done the task given by Facebook, Messenger to provide costumer services. Artificial intelligence in customer service supports businesses automate tasks repitition, provide support to costumers 24/7, improve time period of response, and provide more personalized and efficient customer service experiences. However, its important to maintain a balance between AI automation and human interaction to assure the best possible customer service outcomes.

  • AI in Computer vision

AI enable a computer system to draw meaningful information using digital images, videos and other visual input, and using these inputs AI take action. When we tag pictures to someone on Facebook AI detect the faces of the pictures and identify if that person is existing on Facebook or not.

  • AI in Engines recommendations

Use previous consumptions behavioral data to make relevant add on recommendation to costumers while checking the procedure for online retailers.

  • AI in gaming

AI explored the gaming industries on a large scale. In the beginning human play the games with humans but now AI introduced the machine playing games where a human play with artificial intelligence. Machine can think large numbers of possible moves with herostic knowledge, chess, poker and tic-toe are some examples. AI in gaming enhances gamer engagement in the game, realism, by creating more intelligent and unique games, challenging other games players, and personalized experiences of all the players.

  • AI in healthcare

Fast diagnose of health issues robotics surgeries are only possible with the help of artificial intelligence. AI provide healthcare to patients by staying at home they do not need to visit to hospital. Because now they can use the machines which can identify the reasoning behind the diseases and can predict its effect in the future. AI able the medical field to reduce disease. Doctors are using AI to perform robotics surgeries  with help of certain robots while sitting others countries. AI used for drug discovery. AI can use MRI scans to identify tumors harmful growths faster rate than radiologists, with narrower margin of error, it is only possible with computer vision also with convolutional neural networks.

  • AI in finance

Artificial intelligence use adaptive intelligence in making automatic chatbots and algorithm trading. AI makes trading easier. AI used trading algorithms to analyze large amount of financial data, understand patterns, to make decisions of trading in real. AI-empowered trading systems to execute trading faster and more accurate than human traders. Wealth Management AI-powered trading tools provide automated financial advice and portfolio management services. These algorithms analyze individual’s financial condition, aims, and risk tolerance. AI, improve efficiency, it is important to maintain the benefits of AI transparency, and accountability to sure the responsible application of these technologies in financial field.

  • AI in E-commerce

Artificial intelligence algorithms analyse these factors, including need, competition, and behavior of costumer, to adjust prices in real. It optimize price strategy and maximize revenue. AI helps detect fraud activities, such as payment scam money hijacking, by analysing patterns also anomalies in costumer behavior. Learning algorithms can identify untrsuted transactions and measures fraud risks. AI’s ability to understand user preferences, and make efficient recommendations enables e-commerce businesses to deliver personal experiences, applying operations, and increase  customer satisfaction. It reshape the landscape of e-commerce, enhance the engagement of both seller/businesses and buyer/consumers.

  • AI in data security

IDS intrusion detection systems monitor networking traffic protect security attacks and un-authorized access attempts. AI algorithms can be used for prevention and automated responses, blocking or un-ethical activities in real-time. It enhanced password security by analyse password patterns demanding strong password policies to secure users privacy. AI also used for biometric authentication, vocal recognition, or face recognition security, making authentication more secure and private. Artificial intelligence algorithms automatically scan data to identify sensitive information and assure data privacy regulations. AI helps organizations in anonymize or pseudonymize data, and enforcing privacy controls. Most serious difficulty that E-Commerce business face is credit card fraud. AI can help to reduce the risk of credit card fraud. Most of buyers select to acquire a product or service based on what other people suggest them about it. Artificial intelligence detect and deal with fraudulent reviews.

  1. Robotics

AI became a reality of this universe. Now Artificial intelligence is assisting robotics in developing more efficient and accurate robots. Artificial intelligence enabled robots have found useful in industries, particularly in the manufacturing and packaging industries. Machine learning  is a part of computer programming  how robots learn to perform tasks from humans. Recently Humanoid robot named Erica and Sophia has been developed which can talk work and behave like humans but they are machines. Examples of artificial intelligence robot applications:

  • Manufacturing robots
  • Transport maintainance
  • Surgery accuracy ratio
  • Space Exploration


We have a good understanding of what Artificial Intelligence is and its applications. In simple term,  Artificial Intelligence is made up with human intelligence AI refers to “a man-made thinking power act and work like human.”. Then we understand Applications of Artificial Intelligence in detail such as speech recognition, computer vision, Costumer services, Healthcare, finance, E-Commerce, Robotics, Marketing, etc. in detail an sum up the use of artificial intelligence in real life. Artificial intelligence was developed in twenty-first century, and expanding the application of  artificial intelligence technology in a variety of fields.